AdVenture Capitalist!


Capitalism has never been so much fun


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AdVenture Capitalist! is a very simple strategy game where players have to build their capitalist empire starting from scratch. Basically, players go from running a lemonade stand to directing their own movie studio.

The gameplay of AdVenture Capitalist! is very similar to that of the famous Cookie Clicker. Players only have to tap the button belonging to each business in order to start making money. That said, with the money earned you can buy managers that automatically 'tap' the buttons for you, and also improve your businesses so they make more money.

Although playing AdVenture Capitalist! appears to be very simple, the game has enough content to keep you hooked for a while . Also, the game has a strangely addictive component that will make you stay on top of your businesses.

AdVenture Capitalist! is a good strategy game that, with a simple gameplay and a funny concept, offers an addictive experience, all while making you feel like an authentic capitalist.

To install the application, you'll need to give execute permissions to the downloaded file, run it in a terminal window, accept the license, and agree to all the questions. When the application starts, it will ask for a user account that you can create from the same window for free.


Requires Android 2.3 or higher